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Quiz 1 (Chapter 1) 1. Which of the following is likely NOT a common feature shared among all living organisms? a) All living organisms use energy. b) All living organisms maintain organization. c) All living organisms have evolved over the course of many generations. d) All living organisms maintain some level of homeostasis. e) All living organisms are composed of similar organelles. 2. Which of the following properties of life would be used to tell that a fossil was once alive? a) Order and organization b) Evolutionary adaption c) Response to the environment d) Regulation or Energy Processing e) Growth and development or Reproduction 3. An Ecosystem is composed of which two components?
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Unformatted text preview: a) Plants and Animals b) Grasslands and forests c) Living and non-living components of the environment d) Organisms and microorganisms e) The Biosphere and the Sun 4. Systems Biology is best described by which of the following? a) DNA sequencing b) Protein-protein interaction in a cell c) Evolution of the bird wing d) Natural selection of the finch’s beak e) Systematic organization of organisms into populations 5. Bacteria and Archaea differ in which way? a) Only Bacteria are prokaryotes b) Archaea is a Kingdom, not a Domain c) Archaea are as closely related to Eukarya as they are to Bacteria d) Bacteria are more closely related to Eukarya than to Archaea e) Archaea are Eukaryotes...
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