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Lecture 3, Chapter 5 Structure and Function of Large Biological Molecules 1. The polymer cellulose has ________ as the monomer. a) ribose b) glucose c) fructose d) galactose e) sucrose 2. Which of the following is not a lipid? a) glycerol and saturated fatty acids b) phospholipids c) testosterone (a steroid) d) cholesterol e) ribulose 3. Amino acids are joined to form proteins by a _________ bond.
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Unformatted text preview: a) glycositic b) hydrogen c) peptide d) phosphodiester e) sugar-phosphate 4. DNA differs from RNA in lacking _________. a) Thymine b) deoxyribose c) a hydroxyl (-OH) on the 2’ carbon of ribose d) anti-parallel double strands e) a sugar-phosphate backbone 5. Adenine and Guanine are __________. a) purines b) pyrimidines c) basic amino acids d) sugars e) phosphates...
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