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Lecture 4. Chapter 6. A Tour of the Cell 1. The chromosome of a Prokaryote is called _______________. a) nucleoid b) nucleus c) nucleolus d) membrane-bound naked DNA e) karyon 2. Plant cells differ from animal cells in having a) mitochondria b) golgi apparatus c) lysosomes d) flagella e) plasmodesmata 3. Bound ribosomes (site of most protein synthesis) are found on (in) the _______. a) cytoplasm b) nucleus c) golgi apparatus d) smooth endoplasmic reticulum e) rough endoplasmic reticulum
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The microvillar surface to intestinal cells (columnar epithelial cells) are held in place by _____________. a) microfilaments (actin) b) intermediate filaments (keratin proteins) c) microtubules (tubulin) d) centrosomes e) kenetocores 5. A muscle tear from heavy weight lifting may be due to which type of intercellular junction? a) tight junction b) desmosomes (anchoring junction) c) gap junctions (communicating junction) d) plasmodesmata e) middle lamella...
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