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Lecture 9. Chapter 10. Photosynthesis 1. Chlorophyll is _________. a) water soluble and found in the cytoplasm of plant cells b) found in membranes of the thylakoid membranes c) the catalyst that converts H 2 O to O 2 d) the catalyst that produces sugar from CO 2 e) found only in higher plants 2. Photosynthesis is ______________. a) a two step process consisting of light reactions and the citric acid cycle b) the process of ATP production in plants c) found only in chloroplasts d) the process by which O 2 is taken up by plants to produce CO 2 e) a two step process consisting of light reactions and the Calvin cycle 3. The rate of production of O
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Unformatted text preview: 2 by plant cells, as a measure of the rate photosynthesis, at different wavelengths of light is called _______. a) light reactions b) absorption spectrum c) action spectrum d) visible spectrum e) high transmission spectroscopy 4. The function of the Calvin cycle is to _______. a) produce O 2 b) produce ATP c) produce sugars d) produce NADPH e) fix nitrogen 5. The purpose(s) of splitting H 2 0 to H+ and O 2 in Photosystem II is to a) fill the electron hole in P700 b) provide O 2 for plant respiration c) provide H+ for ATP synthesis d) fill the electron hole in P680 e) both C and D...
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