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Quiz 2 (Chapter 25 (also see Ch.4.1 for the 9 th edition). The Origin of Life) 1. Which scientists tested the “reducing atmosphere” hypothesis and produced a “primordial soup?” a) Oparin and Haldane b) Miller and Urey c) Hershey and Chase d) Meselson and Stahl e) Beadle and Tatum 2. Protocells could have been formed from bilipid membranes in the presence of which catalyst? a) enzymes b) platinum c) ribozymes d) lightening e) clay 3. Before DNA evolved to become the predominant genetic material, which self-
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Unformatted text preview: replicating molecule served as the major informational molecule? a) Lipids b) Protein enzymes c) RNA (ribozymes) d) Primordial soup e) Protocells 4. When did life first appear on Earth? a) 100 million years ago (MYA) b) 200 MYA c) 500 MYA d) 3,500 MYA e) 5 billion years ago (BYA) 5. When did oxygen first become abundant in the Earth’s atmosphere? a) 1 BYA b) 2 BYA c) 3 BYA d) 4 BYA e) 5 BYA...
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