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Study Guide 1st Midterm

Study Guide 1st Midterm - Biology 113 Winter 2012 Study...

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Biology 113 Winter 2012 Study Guide for 1 st Midterm A. Everything covered in my lectures B. Textbook Chapter 1-3: No textbook details necessary check the lecture material. Chapter 4: pp 58-59 and picture of Estradiol and Testosterone, p. 63 (Editions 8 & 9) What was the experiment of Stanley Miller and Harold Urey? What gasses were used? What hypothesis did it test? Chapter 25: Concept 25.1, pp. 507-510. Concept 25.3 pp. 514-519 (Editions 8 & 9) Who first proposed the reducing atmosphere hypothesis? What material served as an early catalyst of macromolecular synthesis? Organize a “protobiot” based on spontaneous formation of lipid vesicles and self-replicating nucleic acids and or biochemical synthesis. Which nucleic acids came first and are thought to domi nate prebiotic or early life period? That are the “Bottom Up” and “Top Down” hypotheses for early protobiots? Chapter 5: Learn everything in this Chapter except the following. Don’t memorize the names and structures of monosaccharides (Fig. 5.3). Don’t memorize the names and structures of the amino acids (Fig. 5.16, Edition 9; Fig. 5.17, Edition 8). However you should know the structure of glucose and
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