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*NOTE: Failure to use any in-text citations and/or adequately reference sources will result in zero (0) points for the project. The use of copy/paste within the summary will result in the project being forwarded to the Committee on Academic Misconduct for review. Bio 113 Writing Project Grading Rubric Student’s Name _________________________________ Grading Criteria Points Checkpoints Checkpoint 1 met appropriately: (topic & two articles submitted) _______/1.5 Checkpoint 2 met appropriately: (two additional articles and Introduction submitted) _______/1.5 Articles* Four (4) or more related and appropriate articles attached to written summary, and all articles relate to a common topic or theme _______/2 *NOTE: Failure to submit appropriate articles, or submitting articles older than 6 months will result in an automatic deduction of 5 points per article. Introduction (1 paragraph suggested) Topic/theme clearly stated _______/2 Reason for choice of topic clearly stated
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