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Rhetoric of the Body Syllabus-1 - English 110.01 First-Year...

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English 110.01 – First-Year English Composition Autumn Quarter 2011 Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30PM - 3:18PM: Tuesdays in Central Classroom Bldg 204; Thursdays in Denney 312. Class dates: 9/22-12/1/2011. No class Thursday 11/24. Office hours: Tu 3:30-5 PM and Fr 3:30-5 PM at Terra Byte Café in Science and Engineering Library (next to Denney) and by appointment. Instructor: Rebecca Huntman Contact: huntman.1@osu.edu Course Description and Objectives Course Theme: Rhetoric of the Body: What Shape Shifters, Cyborgs, Super Heroes and Femme Fatales Can Reveal About Us In this first-year writing course we will look at images, videos and texts that capture and sometimes re-imagine the possibilities of the human body, with an eye towards examining their impact on the attitudes and behavior of their audience. What do these artifacts reflect about our culture’s belief in the possible? When do they diminish the size and scope of our capacities and when do they empower? What hopes or anxieties do they reveal? How have advances in technology stretched the notion of the possible human? In what ways have corporations, the military, social media and other institutions fed off our desire to create a larger or different version of ourselves? Are portrayals equal across gender and race? Do they change over time? Through consideration of these and other questions, you will develop your capacity for undertaking academic research and analysis through an original research project and presentation of the results of your work to an audience of your peers. You will identify an area of interest within our course theme—Rhetoric of the Body—and you will find materials to analyze, develop analytical research questions, explore secondary texts, and make claims that are connected to the evidence you have discovered. As many researchers do at this stage in their work, you will then reframe what you have learned for a public audience. You will write a short, persuasive article with the goal of publication in Commonplace, for which you will also serve as an editor. Over the course of the quarter, you will also supplement your work as a writer through responses to prompts in a class blog. These responses will provide additional practice at key skills and serve as the basis for several classroom activities and discussions. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES FOR THE GENERAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM Writing and Related Skills Writing and Related Skills coursework develops students' skills in written communication and expression, reading, critical thinking, and oral expression. 1. Students apply basic skills in expository writing. 2. Students demonstrate critical thinking through written and oral expression. 3. Students retrieve and use written information analytically and effectively.
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Rhetoric of the Body Syllabus-1 - English 110.01 First-Year...

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