From the Is to the Ought A Biological Theory of Law

From the Is to the Ought A Biological Theory of Law - Vol....

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Unformatted text preview: Vol. 96 · 2010 · Heft 4 ARSP ARSP E 20709 arsp Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie Franz Steiner Verlag Franz Steiner Verlag Vol. 96 · 2010 · Heft 4 Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy issn 0001-2343 Dieter Birnbacher (Düsseldorf): Pathologien der Nahtstelle von Recht und Ethik in der Biomedizin 435 Hendrik Gommer (Tilburg): From the „is“ to the „ought“: a Biological Theory of Law 449 Justyna Holocher (Krakau): Kontext der Erfindung und der Begründung in der Wissenschafts- und Rechtsphilosophie 469 Carla Zoethhout (Amsterdam): Liberal democracy as public morality 485 Takemitsu Morikawa (Kassel): Platonic Bias in der Sozialtheorie. Über den Begriff des Handelns bei Hannah Arendt und eine philosophische Kritik an der soziologischen Praxistheorie 498 Alexander Aichele (Halle/Wittenberg): Von der Fiktion zur Abstraktion. N.H. Grundling über mögliche Urteilssubjekte am Beispiel seiner Auseinandersetzung mit Dadino Alteseras … 516 Christian Neuhäuser (Bochum): Zwei Formen der Entwürdigung: Absolute und relative Armut 542 Ting Xu (Peking): The End of the Urban-Rural Divide? Emerging Quasi-Commons in Rural China 557 Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy Aufsätze IVR-Informationen und Mitteilungen 574 Literatur Literaturbericht: Autonomie (Stephan Kirste) Ralph Christensen. Wie Juristen wissen, was Recht ist (Rezensionsabhandlung) Winfried Brugger u.a. (Hrsg.). Rechtsphilosophie im 21. Jahrhundert (Klaus Mathis) (Rezensionsabhandlung) Colin Crouch. Postdemokratie (Ralf Jeremias) Kirsten Wiese. Lehrerinnen m. Kopftuch (Felix Ekardt) 578 586 593 602 604 Electronic Electronic copy available at: Archives de Philosophie du Droit et de Philosophie Sociale Archivo de Filosofía Jurídica y Social why The Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law Electronic Electronic copy available at: Principia Ethica is use the bonum that we as humans give to the object summum it is a value Law and the Mind What Makes Us Moral Principia Ethica Logic and the Basis of Ethics The Blank Slate A Natural History of Rape System of Logic Electronic Electronic copy available at: Social Statics The Selish Gene Philosophy The Diversity of Life Concilience believes is distinction Freedom Evolves American Journal of Jurisprudence Valparaiso University Law Review What Makes Us Moral Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. seems only by reason ought is A Treatise of Human Nature The Language of Morals The Philosophical Review Onder de Rechter facts goal fact The Concept of Law Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology Journal of Theoretical Biology The Triumph of Sociobiology Homo sapiens The Extended Phenotype Adaptation and natural selection The Insect Societies Evolutionary Naturalism: Selected Essays ought feel Unless other people unmask the cheaters Evolution and Ethics Sociobiology Tree of Origin all Nature Evolution and the Capacity for Commitment Psychological Bulletin Evolutionary Psychology: Public Policy and Personal Decisions Law and Philosophy Predicton in Child Development Evolution and the Theory of Games On Aggression Der Beitrag der Biologie zu Fragen von Recht und Ethik Primates and Philosopers Moral Minds Moral Development Gorillas in the Mist Empathy and and Tree of Origin Behavioral Ecological Sociobiology Journal of Social and Biological Structures Trends in Cognitive Science Nature Individuals, Relationships and Culture The Forest People Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology Common Morality is feel feel is The Altruism Question: Toward a Social-Psychological Answer The History of Human Marriage American Anthropologist Journal of Happiness Studies Japanse Journal of Physiology Trends in Neurosciences The Elements of Moral Philosophy Biol. Philosophy The Division of Labor in Society In the Company of Animals Journal of Theoretical Biology Homo sapiens is think wrong our know feel ...
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