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Chapter 21 Quiz Even 1. Bernal Diaz del Castillo was The Spanish soldier who left detailed records of the Aztec. 2. The most important city of the Toltecs was Tula. 3. The Inca sun god was Inti. 4. Teotihuacan was the largest early Mesoamerican city. 5. The kingdom of Chucuito was located in South America. 6. The primary role of women in Mexica society was to bear children. 7. The Aztec’s viewed human sacrifice as an essential ritual to ensure the world’s survival. 8. The capital of the Inca empire was Cuzco. 9. Women in Aztec society played almost no public role. 10. Tezcatlipoca was “The Smoking Mirror” 11. The capital city of the Chimu was Chanchan. 12. North American societies developed on a relatively small scale.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. The influence of the Maya on the Toltec can be seen in the similarities between Tula and the Maya city of Chichen Itza. 14. The Native American Indian societies possessed no form of writing. 15. Tezcatlopoca was the patron deity of warriors. 16. Mexica priests had great power as advisors to rulers. 17. Most Aztec human sacrifices were in honor of Huitzilopochtli. 18. The word Aztlan means “the place of the seven legendary caves” 19. The massive stone complex at Nan Madol was located in the Caroline Islands. 20. By the middle of the 15 th century, the Mexica had formed a triple alliance with Texcoco and Tlacopan....
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