22 (Odd or Even)

22 (Odd or Even) - represented the Ming rulers interest in...

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Chapter 22 (Don’t know if its odd or even; Jaser didn’t head it) 1. As a result of the bubonic plague, the population of Europe dropeped from 79 million in 1300 to around 60 million in 1400. 2. Rabban Sauma was a Nestorian Christian priest who served as an envoy for the Ilkhans. 3. Which of the following cities was not a major participant in long-distance trading in the immediate centuries after the year 1000CE? London 4. The Reconquista was the Spanish Catholic attempt to win Spain from Islamic control. 5. The Yongle Encyclopedia
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Unformatted text preview: represented the Ming rulers interest in supporting native Chinese cultural traditions. 6. The important trading city of Melaka is in modern day Malaysia 7. The most important of humanistic thinkers was Erasmus. 8. Kublai Khan employed Marco Polo in administrative posts because he didnt trust his Chinese subjects. 9. Hongwus philosophy for ruling China was to return to the model of the traditional Chinese dynasties. 10. The Ming dynasty was founded in 1368 by Hongwu....
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