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Chapter 2 Outline: Installing Windows 7 I. Deployment Enhancements in Windows 7 a. Design Improvements i. Modularization more modular than Win XP ii. Windows Imaging Format modify existing WIM images and create your own WIM images iii. XML-based Answer Files single XML-based answer file to perform automated installations. iv. Installations scripts manage the installation to process to ensure consistency. v. File and Registry Redirection requests are redirected to a virtual windows folder or virtual registry location b. Tools and Technology Improvements i. Application Compatibility Toolkit helps organizations quickly identify which applications are compatible with the OS ii. User State Migration Tool moves desktop settings and
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Unformatted text preview: applications from one computer to another iii. Image-X – command line tool for managing WIM images iv. Windows PE – limited and non-GUI version and is used for installing, troubleshooting. v. Deployment Image Servicing and Management – is used to perform offline servicing of WIM images. II. Windows 7 Installation Method a. DVD Boot Installation – least suitable method for a large volume of computers b. Distribution Share Installation – requires computers to be booted into Win PE from removable storage and then run the installation from a distribution share. c. Image-Based Installation - requires the creation of a customized image that you apply to each computer....
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