curl - [X,Y = meshgrid(x,y h = 10^-6 C1 =(feval(v,X h Y...

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% % Function mfile curl.m % % The call is curl(u,v,corners) where u = u(x,y) and v = v(x,y) % are the vector field F = [u,v]. The mfile calculates the curl % with centered differences. The vector field is displayed using % quiver , and a pcolor map is made of the curl, showing by % color the values of the curl. function out = curl(u,v, corners) a = corners(1); b = corners(2); c = corners(3); d = corners(4); x = linspace(a,b,51); y = linspace(c,d,51);
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Unformatted text preview: [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y); h = 10^(-6); C1 = (feval(v,X+h, Y) - feval(v, X-h,Y))/(2*h); C2 = (feval(u,X, Y+h) - feval(u,X, Y-h))/(2*h); C = C1 - C2; close pcolor(X,Y,C); map = jet; myjet = map(33:64,:); colormap(myjet); shading interp colorbar hold on xx = linspace(a,b, 11); yy = linspace(c,d,11); [XX,YY] = meshgrid(xx,yy); U = feval(u,XX,YY); V = feval(v, XX,YY); quiver(XX,YY,U,V, 'k'); axis image hold off...
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