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% Function simp2 % % Two dimensional Simpson's rule over a rectangle. % The call is simp2(f,corners) when f is given as an inline function, % and simp2('f',corners) when f is given in an mfile. % corners = [a b c d] is a vector of corner coordinates of the % rectangle with corners (a,c), (b,c), (b,d), and (a,d). We assume % a< b and c < d. % After the call the user is asked to enter the number n of % subdivisions in the x direction, and the number m of the subdvision % in the y direction. n and m must be even. function out = simp2(f, corners) a = corners(1); b = corners(2); c = corners(3); d = corners(4);
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Unformatted text preview: disp(' ') disp('the number of subivisions n and m in each direction must be even ') subdiv = input('enter the number of subdivisions in x and y direction as [n m] ') n = subdiv(1); m = subdiv(2); x = linspace(a,b, n+1); y = linspace(c,d,m+1); [X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y); svecx = 2*ones(size(x)); svecx(2:2:n) = 4*ones(1,n/2); svecx(1) = 1; svecx(n+1) = 1; svecy = 2*ones(size(y)); svecy(2:2:m) = 4*ones(1,m/2); svecy(1) = 1; svecy(m+1) = 1; S = svecy'*svecx; T = S.*feval(f,X,Y); disp('Approximate value of the integral using Simpsons rule ') out = sum(sum(T))*(b-a)*(d-c)/(9*m*n);...
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