Week1 - Chapter 1 Questions 3. Using Exhibit 1.3 as a...

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Chapter 1 Questions Source: Aircraft manufacturer, In flight food, Make: Major service provided at airports Deliver: Arriving at the destinations city Return: Resolve any issues such as lost or damaged luggage Source: Suppliers of components and raw materials Make: Physical facilities Deliver: Car Dealers Return: Warranty claims 3. Using Exhibit 1.3 as a model, describe the source-make-deliver-return relationships in the following systems: a. An airline b. An automobile manufacturer
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Chapter 2 Questions 10. What do we mean when we say productivity is a “relative” measure? 1. Can a factory be fast, dependable, flexible, produce high-quality products, and still provide poor service from a customer’ s perspective? Yes, if a customer’s needs are not considered and does not influence strategy development, an organization could be delivering the wrong service or product. Even though the product or service is delivered fast, dependable, and flexible in design and features and is of high technical quality, overall service could be rated “poor” by a customer who demands a different mix of features and attributes. It is often best not to be fastest to the market, but to be the best firm in the market as judged by the ultimate customer. 3.
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Week1 - Chapter 1 Questions 3. Using Exhibit 1.3 as a...

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