Week4 - Chapter 9 Questions 1. Is the goal of Six Sigma...

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Chapter 9 Questions (i) When exiting the word processor, a prompt asks whether or not you want to save the document. (ii) Many word processors will make backup files at various points in time. 1. Is the goal of Six Sigma quality realistic for services such as Blockbuster Video Stores? A goal of Six Sigma can also be used for services. The one area where Six Sigma maybe difficult is that many aspects of service quality are based upon customer perception--for example--the courtesy of the clerk. In spite of all efforts, someone may perceive that the clerk was not courteous. But in spite of this problem, every effort should be made to attain Six Sigma in both manufacturing and service settings. 4. “Before you build quality in, you must think it in.” How do the implications of this statement differ from those of Question 3? The “thinking quality in” philosophy requires a longer-term perspective than the “building quality in” philosophy. “Building quality in” includes short-term techniques, such as tuning the production equipment to assure consistent quality. “Thinking quality in” includes longer-term techniques such as designing the product to be robust enough to achieve high quality despite fluctuations on the production line, training workers to be capable of “thinking in quality,” and developing a working environment in which “thinking in quality” is nurtured. 7. The typical computerized word processing package is loaded with poka-yokes. List three. Are there any others you wish the packages had? (iii) Many word processors will automatically correct certain words when they are misspelled, such as “the.” Word processors have made tremendous strides in this area. Although it would be nice if the word processor checked the form of a word like “to,” too,” and “two.”
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BUSN 6110 Operations Project Management Summer, 2008 Week 4 Burnett Isenberg Page 301 2. Professor Chase is frustrated by his inability to make a good cup of coffee in the morning. Show how you would use a fishbone diagram to analyze the process he uses to make a cup of his evil brew. This fishbone diagram examines four elements of a process: materials, machine, method, and labor.
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Week4 - Chapter 9 Questions 1. Is the goal of Six Sigma...

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