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FURminator, Inc. Executive Summary FURminator, Inc. is a company that began essentially as a “Mom & Pop” grooming organization and evolved into an undisputed leader in the pet grooming industry. The company is innovative in its patented products as well as in its strategic vision to achieve its goals. Despite the fact that their products are priced on average at 70% above their competitors, their products still remain highly-rated, top sellers. The company holds nine patents all together, solidifying their competitive edge. Surprisingly, despite the company’s growth in the last seven years, information technology seems to remain on the back burner. The majority of their IT functions are outsourced. However, this supports their strategic vision as a small, but growing business. The company has no desire to bring their IT in- house. They are pleased with the quality of services they receive through outsourcing. They feel that the diversity of services they receive in utilizing several different service providers maintains their competitive advantage and gives them more options. In line with this vision, our group has provided suggestions to support the company’s desire to keep IT in the background by researching and recommending a social networking site. We feel this would strengthen their brand presence online as well as bridge the gap between their brand advocates and online retailers. Company Background FURminator, Inc. was founded seven years ago by David and Angie Porter. Prior to FURminator, Angie had owned her own animal grooming business called Groomingdale’s, where she and her husband practiced with different grooming devices, attempting to improve the grooming experience for the animals while at the same time making themselves more efficient groomers. As in any business, the more customers you can serve, in this case ones with fur, the more money can be made. As with many inventions over the centuries, this one was born out of necessity as well. David and Angie wanted to find a way to remove an animal’s undercoat without the instrument being used, ripping or pulling the hair out. After more than ten years of trying every type of grooming tool available on the market, they decided to come up with one of their own. Together they tried and tried until at last, they had come up with a de-shedding blade that could remove an animal’s undercoat without the painful experience of it being ripped out. After a few modifications they arrived at their most effective design and patented the FURminator deShedding Tool, for which they now have multiple patents and additional patents pending. Once they starting using their new tool, customer’s started inquiring about
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where they could purchase one. A light bulb went off and the entrepreneur in David and Angie went to work. They started out by going to trade shows and selling to other groomers. Then they went on the QVC home shopping network and made videos of their product being used to demonstrate its effectiveness. Their new business exploded, and they were soon featured in magazines like
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FURminatorResearchPaper_final - FURminator, Inc. Executive...

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