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Unformatted text preview: HW #1 due 2/2/12 → 1. Given a wave in air with h = z 5 cos(1012 t + ky ) ˆ → Find a) ω , b) k , c) propagation direction, d) polarization direction and e) corresponding e . 2. a) Give 3 papers (titles, authors, vol. and page numbers) on ‘‘WDM’’ that were published in Optics and Photonics News. b) Give 5 papers (titles, authors, vol. and page numbers) on ‘‘add drop multiplexer’’ that were published in IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology. c) Give 3 papers (titles and publication dates) on ‘‘soliton’’ that were published in Laser and Focus World as articles within the last 15 years. 3. a) A WDM system has linewidth of 5 nm for one channel, carrier wavelength λ o = 1. 3 µ m and 100 channels. Find the bandwidth ∆ν of each channel and the total bandwidth ∆ν total for the whole system assuming that there is no guard band between adjacent channels. b) Suppose another system with ∆ν total and linewidth for a channel being the same as a) but λ o = 0. 4 µ m . Find the bandwidth ∆ν of each channel and number of channels. 4. A laser is driven by a current source of 1.5A. Assume the efficiency for the laser is 10 electron for 1 photon. The photon energy of the laser is 0.8eV. a) What are the frequency and wavelength of the laser? b) Output optical power of the laser. Extra-Credit → An EM wave travels in free space with the electric field e = (10 y + 5 z ) cos(ω t + 2 y − 4 z ). ˆ ˆ → Determine a) ω and λ , b) Electric field in phasor form, i.e. E , c) time varying magnetic → → field, i.e. h and d) average Poynting vector, i.e. S ave . ...
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