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Unformatted text preview: ----HW #2due 2/9/11 5PMno later than 2/13/11 5PM1. a) A point source of light is located 1m below water-air interface. Find the radius of the lightcircle seen by an observer positioned over the source (outside of the water). The refractive indexof water is 1.333.b) A laser is 1m below the water0air interface. Draw a diagram and indicate in the diagram thepolarization of the laser and the angle at which all the laser will be transmitted.c) If the laser beam is normal to the water-air interface, Find the percentage of transmittedpower.2. A laser beam has beam radius (waist) of 100μm and wavelength of 630nm.Find the beam radius (waist) at a) 1 m and b) 1 cm from the laser.c) Find the divergence angle of the beam and distance range at which the divergence angle isinvalid.3. An elliptic beam as shown in the following diagraming originating from a laser pointer withwavelength of 638 nm, apply the Gaussian beam formula to estimate the beam shape and size ofthe beam 5m from the laser pointer. Sketch your answer.the beam 5m from the laser pointer....
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