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HW #3 due 2/16/11 5PM No later than 2/20/11 5PM 1. A polarizing beam splitter cube, known as Glan-Thompson polarizer ,contains Canada balsam in the gap between the calcite prisms. If the refractive indexofthe Canada balsam is 1.54. a) What is the minimum angle of incidence on the internal glass interfaces to ensure that the polarizer works correctly ( n || = 1. 486, n = 1. 658)? b) Drawadiagram to showpaths of split beams and indicate polarization of each path. (For example, check the following site for description of Glan-Thompson polarizer: http://www.thorlabs.com/NewGroupPage9_PF.cfm?Guide=10&Category_ID=133&ObjectGroup_ID=116 ) 2. What will be the effect of cascading twoquarter-wav e plates that contribute phase shift in x axis? What will happen if we orient them so that one quarter-wav e plate causes phase shift in y axis while another cause phase shift in x axis? Demonstrate your idea by consider a linearly polarized wav e with plane of polarization making 45 o with the x axis.
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