Homework_4 - For the solution format see the examples below...

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EE 367 Introduction to Microprocessors Homework 4 Due: Due in Lecture, Monday, 10/10 Reading: -------- 1. Tocci and Ambrosio, Chapter 4.4 - end. 2. Tocci and Ambrosio, Chapter 1.9 (review) Assignment: ----------- I. Meaning of binary words A. Chapter 1, Text Problems: 1.14, 1.19, 1.20 Suggestion: Work these out by hand, a calculator will not be allowed during the exam. B. Number conversions a. Express the following binary numbers in HEX format 1) %11010001 2) %00101011 3) %01011010 4) %10101010 b. Express the following HEX numbers in binary format 1) $3F 2) $A8 3) $2B 4) $69 C. Binary Arithmetic Problems Do binary arithmetic exercises 1-3 below. For each, indicate each of the requested items.
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Unformatted text preview: For the solution format, see the examples below. a. The result value b. The values of the N, Z, C, and V flags c. The decimal meaning of the arguments and result, both as a straight binary operation (unsigned) and as a signed operation. d. Indicate in words whether the operation produced a valid result: i) For Straight Binary arithmetic ii) For Signed arithmetic 1) % 01110 2) % 01010 3) % 11101 + % 11011 - % 11101 - % 01011------ ------ ------* In case you have not already worked through them: Drill exercises with solutions are available in the file binary.xls D. IEEE floating point 1) Chapter 1, Text Problems: 1.30 II. Chapter 4, Text Problems: 4.11, 4.12...
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Homework_4 - For the solution format see the examples below...

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