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Spring 2012 WEEK: SESSION TOPIC IN CLASS Discussion (readings) IN CLASS Solution ASSIGNMENTS DUE BEG of CLASS January 17 1 Course Syllabus, Information Sheet n/a Information Sheet January 23 2 FAS 168, My 2-cents worth, Researching GAAP n/a Readings January 30 3 Codification, PCAOB, SEC Rules and Disclosures Codification, SEC, PCOAB, SECINFO n/a Readings February 6 4 Codification, Matching Principle Case 1.1 Waste Management (matching principle) KOSS KOSS February 13 5 Codification, Full Disclosure Principle Case 1.3 Qwest (full disclosure principle) Case 1.5 Waste Management (definition) Case 1.5 Waste Management (definition) February 20 6 Codification, AS 3, documentation Case 2.8 Enron (audit documentation) Case 1.9 Qwest (revenue recognition) Case 1.9 Qwest (revenue recognition) February 27 7 Codification, AS 5, client understanding Case 4.5 Waste Management (top-side AJEs) Case 3.1 Enron (client understanding)
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