WhatDrugAmI - In many cultures I am a widely used...

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DRUG #1: Sometimes I am prescribed to reduce appetite and fatigue or to reduce depression. If you inject a lot of me into your bloodstream, you might stay awake for a whole week, but you are also at risk for heart failure or a stroke. What drug am I? Drug #2: I am the most widely used illegal drug in the United States. According to a recent survey of college students, almost as many of them have used me at least once in the past year as have used tobacco products. A lot of people think I am not addictive, but there is growing evidence that chronic users can develop dependence on me. What drug am I? Drug #3: At various times throughout history, I have been hailed as a wonder-drug that alleviates fatigues or as a menace to society. I have also been used as a local anesthetic for eye, nose, and throat surgery. If you overdose on me, you might experience a sudden death because your heart and lungs stop working. What drug am I?
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Drug #4: I am a depressant that increases the activity of GABA in the brain.
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Unformatted text preview: In many cultures, I am a widely used recreational drug. After you have used me, your judgment will be strongly impaired and it will be difficult to pay attention to anything beyond your immediate surroundings. If you use a lot of me at one time, you might experience disorganized thinking and physical coordination. What drug am I? Drug #5: I am a stimulant with some of the qualities of a hallucinogen. When you use me, you might feel pleasure, elation, empathy, and warmth. After you have used me, you might feel really bummed out for a while because of serotonin depletion. In laboratory experiments with rats, I have produced long-lasting damage to the axon terminals of neurons. What drug am I? Drug #6: I am a class of drugs used frequently in treatment of pain. I operate my imitating endorphins and can also lead to feelings of euphoria. I am generally highly addictive and if you take too much of me you might go into a coma and/or die. What drug am I?...
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WhatDrugAmI - In many cultures I am a widely used...

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