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ENGR 13200 Spring 2012 ENGR13200 - Homework #1 Answer Sheet Name: Siddharth Sukhwal Section No. 010 Team No. N/A Date: 01/13/2012 Problem 1 - Individual Q# Answer 1A D 1B C 1C B 1D D Problem 2 - Individual Q# Entry 2A. Summary of 2 stories, and why they are of interest. Hybrid Powertrain development GM used Mathworks tools and Model-Based Design to develop system models, verify designs using simulation, and generate production code for the Two-Mode Hybrid powertrain control system. The engineers used Matlab to test the hybrid train to determine its extremities and possibilities. I am interested in how the design process can be started as well as continued to the tested face without being made physically and the outcomes are 99% accurate. The Hybrid powertrain has won several awards, including Green Car of the Year from Green Car Journal and Technology of the Year from Automobile magazine. Application of the Bell Helicopter Aerospace engineers at Bell helicopter developed the First ever Civilian Tiltrotor.
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