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ENGR 13200 Spring 2012 ENGR13200 - Homework #3 Answer Sheet Name: Siddharth Sukhwal Section No. 010 Team No. N/A Date: 01/27/2012 Problem 1 - Individual Q# Answer 1A b 1B c Problem 2 - Individual Q# Answer 2A Input, Calculations, and Output. 2B Everything that is important must be commented. The comments must be made in at least every 3 rd line. 2C Variable names can be of any length. It is important to make each variable name unique
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Unformatted text preview: and be descriptive. For example, if you are asked to store 24 in the group percentage, you will have to make a variable called group_percentage or something like that which can be easily understandable. The defined constants are placed under the input section of the code....
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