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TO: Teaching Assistant FROM: Siddharth Sukhwal (Team 12) RE: Recommending the best fishing pole for the fishing trip Our direct users, the teaching assistants, need the best possible fishing pole for their sea fishing trip. After analyzing all the plots and histograms, I would suggest our teaching assistants to use the Moby fishing poles. If we look at the histograms, we see that Moby fishing poles are in between that range of 44lbs and 55lbs with the highest frequencies. On the other hand, the Ultra fishing poles and the Extreme fishing poles are consistent with lower frequencies in the ranges from 38lbs to 54lbs and 40lbs to 64lbs respectively. By observing the histograms we can say that, Moby fishing poles have consistently shown that they can withstand a larger load. While, the Ultra fishing poles and the Extreme poles are consistent with handling lower weight than the Moby fishing poles. The Moby fishing poles also have the higher average than the average of Ultra fishing poles and it is tied with the average of Extreme fishing poles.
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