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GRE Writing material - Issue 17 Few issues on the American...

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Issue 17 Few issues on the American scene cause so much concern and widespread public interest as does the comparison of competition and cooperation. Generally, is competition means harmful affects and negative results in most cases, while it does little good to our human-being as the author maintains? Admittedly, fierce competition does weigh us down as some people might be driven to win at all costs, and cooperation is indispensable in prevailing team work. However, coincident with the opinion of many people is my heartfelt agreement with the idea that proper competition is a healthy part of life that helps us to succeed.(101) 描描描描描描描描 in today’s age of technology and consumerism. The chief reason why I generally vote for the statement has to do with the amazing motivation brought about not by anything else but competition, a factor essential for progress and achievements, needless to say, in course of one’s education and work. Nothing get people so eager to win and struggle constantly as competition does, and even when the results are already excellent, competing against each other makes people try harder to achieve better results. A recent interview from CCTV, a leading news program in China, can lend further supports. In the report, one of mathematic teacher in a famous primary school replied, “Nothing can get my students going like a game or contest. Sometimes, having kids compete against each other makes them try
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GRE Writing material - Issue 17 Few issues on the American...

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