Issue 70 好 兴趣和工&auml

Issue 70 好 兴趣和工ä

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Issue 70 1. Few issues on the American scene have caused so much concern and widespread interest as does the debate over ultimate goal of students’ present study ,especially when they choose a major in college. Should college students give precedence to majors that spark their interest or majors that will offer flexibility when they are looking for a job . Coincident with the opinion of author is my heartfelt agreement with the idea that even in today’s increasingly work-oriented society , students should be encouraged to pursue subjects that interest them rather than seek programs that promise entry into the job market . The chief reason why I strongly vote for the statement has to do with the magic motivation and higher ability in the acquisition of knowledge when an individual takes courses that he particularly enjoyed, one essential, needless to say in a individual’s later career.   Though some talented students can also succeed in many  other fields that are tedious to them, developing interest is critical to long-term success in  university studies,  according to a visiting US psychologist. Hidi and Anderson (1992)
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Issue 70 好 兴趣和工ä

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