issue 144 想象经验

Issue 144 想象经验

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Issue 144 Few issues on the American scene have caused so much concern and widespread public interest as does the debate that whether imagination is a more valuable asset than experience. In asserting that people who are less experienced are more likely to approach a task without constraints of established habits and attitudes for they have more imagination, the speaker implies that the beginner is more likely to succeed (than people making full use of past achievements within that field.) Granting this premise, we will also find out that people who are gifted at perceiving and coordinating the past achievements also make many contributions to society. Thus, the one should keep a balance between being imaginative and experienced. The chief reason why I vote for the significance of imagination has to do with the creative way of thinking free from constrains of past time, one essential, needless to say, in the course of work and study, especially when an individual confronts sticky problems that never happened before.   According  to  Adam McFarland  , an outstanding director of product line  management,  There’s a double edge sword with experience when it comes to  business  – employees are more skillful when they gain an adequate amount  of experience, but those valuable experience sometimes will discourages 
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Issue 144 想象经验

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