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Auspicious red - house will be full of luck and happiness...

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Auspicious red Furniture for a house full of luck and happiness Today marks the first day of the 2012 Chinese Lunar New Year, the biggest holiday celebrated among Chinese people around the world. Today, red plays a big role as it is the auspicious colour symbolising prosperity in Chinese culture. During the Chinese New Year period, houses are decorated with red paper banners which have auspicious couplets written on them. These are hung around doorways and are intended to bring luck to the household. Red envelopes with lucky money are given to children and unmarried adults, while married couples give red envelopes to their parents. Many households choose to decorate their rooms with new furniture and decorative items in red for the occasion. Many opt for a permanent change for their living room by having a new coat of paint that complements a new set of furniture in shades of red _ to ensure that their
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Unformatted text preview: house will be full of luck and happiness throughout the year. Decorating with red is always dramatic as it is intense, warm and eye-catching. It is also a beautiful, bold colour that can be a bright focal point in a room if used properly. Vivid red furniture will draw attention and provide a sense of warmth to any room. White walls are probably the easiest of all colour choices in working with red furniture. Painting your walls a warm tan or mocha shade is also a natural complement to red furniture. Just make sure you pair up your red furniture with a wall colour that creates the maximum impact and showcases the furniture with contrast. If done properly, red furniture can accentuate the design aesthetic in your space. http://www.bangkokpost.com/lifestyle/shopping/276389/auspicious-red...
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