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Passage 1 1. What are the reasons that Wan Ahan Pa’s sales go up? (paragraph 14) Ans. Because the surrounding area is flooded and Wan Ahan Pa is located beside a road that is used by people escaping from the floods. 2. According to line 10, what does “they” refer to? (paragraph 3) Ans. People in many areas 3. What is the first district in Pathum Thani that is flooded? (paragraph 11) Ans. Sam Khok was the first district in Pathum Thani to be flooded Passage 2 1. According to line 24, what does “it” refer to? (paragraph 5) Ans. Kodak 2. What is the topic sentence of paragraph 4? Ans. Decades ago, Kodak anticipated that digital photography would overtake film —
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Unformatted text preview: and in fact, Kodak invented the first digital camera in 1975 — but in a fateful decision, the company chose put its new discovery on the backburner to focus on its legacy film business. 3. What did IBM do to adapt to new market condition? (paragraph 7) Ans. IBM’s decision to jettison its personal computer business and invest heavily in consulting and services laid the foundation for Big Blue’s recent renaissance. 4. According to line 49, what is the meaning of “Rochester’s economy”? (paragraph 9) Ans. Kodak...
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