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The_counterfeiting_consumption_in_China(final) - Asia For...

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Asia For Asia, our group has chosen China and India for analyzing the consumption of counterfeit product. China is large enough to represent East Asia. Also, India is a country in South Asia and the second-most populous country, so it is representative. Counterfeiting in China Types and Volume China was regarded as the leading country in producing fake product in the world. According to Havocscope black Markets (2010), China has been producing $60 Billion fake products in 2006. According to Jeffrey Hays (2008), the most popular types of fake product include Music, DVDs, Software and Luxury Goods. (Source: http://factsanddetails.com/china.php? ) Value Fake products have caused great loss to different industries. The following table showed the value of those more popular fake products. Pirated Music: $466.3Million Pirated Movies: $565Million Pirated Software: $18.9Billion Pirated Books: $52Million Characteristics A research by Xuemei Bian and Cleopatra Veloutsou(2007) specific on consumers’
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