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Annotated Bibliography - FINAL PROJECT: ANNOTATED...

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FINAL PROJECT: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY DUE: THURSDAY, April 21 st (no extensions – you need to get this done on time!). Bring a hard copy to class. If you absolutely cannot be in class that day you may email a copy in “.doc” or “.pdf” format to: Choose any film made before 1945. The film cannot be one of the assigned films on the syllabus (so no Cabinet of Dr. Caligari , Frankenstein , etc). It can, however, be a film we mentioned or watched clips of in class and it can be the same film you wrote your essay on if you want (but it doesn’t have to be). If you need some ideas for a film, look at the filmographies in the Thompson/Bordwell book. Then, pose a research question about the film. Your research topic can be historical, cultural, thematic, or aesthetic (i.e., film style and form) related (or a combination). Does the film reflect something specific about the culture that produced it? Does it respond to technical or industry changes? How does the film use some aspect of film form
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Annotated Bibliography - FINAL PROJECT: ANNOTATED...

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