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Cine 101 - Film Analysis

Cine 101 - Film Analysis - Cine 101 World Film History to...

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Cine 101: World Film History to 1945 Spring 2011 FILM ANALYSIS: Due Tuesday February 22 nd in class (bring hard copy!) Watch a film made between 1910 and 1927 (one that is not on the syllabus). Write a five- page, double-spaced close analysis of the film considering the film’s formal style within its historical and industrial context. “Formal style” can mean anything from editing, camera movement, acting style, use of intertitles, narrative structure, set design and costumes, genre conventions, etc. What style or movement or historical period does it represent? What were the cultural, economic, political, technological, aesthetic, and/or historical contexts for the film? Use this information to analyze the visual style of the film. Be as specific as possible. You can discuss the entire film, but you should primarily focus on a scene or two to illustrate your points. Use description and analysis not generalizations. “ The Smiling Madame Beudet uses subjective camera angles” is not sufficient. Where, how, and why does the film use
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