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Cine 101: World Film History to 1945 Midterm Review: Exam: Thursday, March 17 th In-Class You are responsible for all of the material covered in the assigned readings, film screenings, and class lectures. The exam will consist of two parts: (1) short identifications, and (2) short essays. The short identifications will be terms taken from the weekly term sheets. Your answers should be short (a sentence or couple of sentence fragments) and should cite the most relevant information in the context of the course. The essay responses should only be 2-3 substantial paragraphs long (be concise and to the point!). The essay questions will ask you think about some of the larger questions of film style/form and its relation to industrial, historical, and cultural contexts. STUDY suggestions : - Make sure you have read all of the assigned chapters in the Bordwell/Thompson Film History and Ed Sikov’s Film Studies textbooks. - Review the terms included on the weekly term sheets. Make sure you have a basic
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