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Early Cinema Terms

Early Cinema Terms - optical toys Thaumatrope...

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Film History (Spring 2011) University of Pennsylvania Fiumara KEYWORDS: EARLY CINEMA the cinema of attractions world’s fairs sideshow or freak show amusement parks Coney Island dime museums diorama Vaudeville British musical halls magic lanterns phantasmagoria Eadweard Muybridge Leland Stanford zoopraxiscope Etienne-Jules Marey chronophotographic camera
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Unformatted text preview: optical toys Thaumatrope Phenakistoscope Zoetrope Praxinoscope persistence of vision Thomas Edison W.K.L. Dickson Kinetoscope kinetoscope parlors Black Maria Lumières Bros Thomas Armat Vitascope Georges Méliès Pathé Gaumont Brighton School Edwin S. Porter exhibitors variety format Hale’s Tours...
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