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712_11 VOLVO PT v1 [Compatibility Mode] - •1 Case Study...

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Unformatted text preview: •1 Case Study: Volvo Powertrain Progressive and Non-Progressive Assembly Neumann, W. P., Winkel, J., Medbo, L., Mathiassen, S. E. and Magneberg, R. (2006) Production system design elements influencing productivity and ergonomics - A case study of paral el and serial flow strategies. International journal of operations & production management, v26(8): 904-923` • Copyright (c) 2010 P. Neumann – this material is not for resale, redistribution, or commercial use. Note that attribution errors and missing acknowledgements may exist in this material; for which the author apologises Production Ergonomics - The Volvo D12 Project • Volvo Powertrain in Skövde • 12 liter diesel engines • Production System re-design – from kitted line & dock system to a ’sel serve’ line system – to a self-serve line system • Pre-Post Evaluation OLD ’DOCK’ Station NEW ’LINE’ System Overview at Volvo Powertrain D12 DOCK system Components placed directly along the line ‘Dock’ system – parallel flow Line system – serial flow •2 Losses in Serial Flow • Balance Losses – Uneven distribution of work between stations – Everyone knows about this • System Losses – Natural variability in performance causes blocking/starving in dependent stations up/downstream – Most people forget about system losses Parallel vs Serial Flow 5 0 Theoretical Observed Theoretical Observed S e r ia l flo w 1 9 7 8 & 8 0 P a r a lle l flo w 1 9 9 0 ’s Resources (% total t From Engström & Medbo 1995: Production system design - a brief summary of some design efforts Each assembler works alone in their cell work-station D12 – Old ’Dock’ System (FINAL ASSEMBLY)...
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712_11 VOLVO PT v1 [Compatibility Mode] - •1 Case Study...

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