Distictvets car_2008-10-06 [Kompatibilitetsläge]

Distictvets car_2008-10-06 [Kompatibilitetsläge]

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1 District veterinarians working environment in and around the car [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 Linda Rose KTH, School of Technology and Health A project in co-operation with The Swedish Board of Agriculture & The Swedish Veterinary Association. Financed by The Development Council for the Government sector. Outline Make a description of the project and its results Give an overview of some methods Have workshop where you students suggest solutions (group activity) [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 Show some design suggestions Discuss your projects in this course Objectives To contribute to the improvement of the DV’s work environment (WE) related to work tasks in and around the official car. [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 Aim: Map the DV’s work environment in and around the car Produce a basis for criteria for the procurement of the official car and included work-related equipment for the car. Methods A survey regarding the DV’s WE in and around the car to all Swedish District Veterinarians (DV’s). A field study : 6 Veterinarian Stations, 12 vets. Interviews & work site analysis with [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 - Borg’s CR-10 scale, -VIDAR, - Interviews, - Weight measurements, - Biomechanical calculations - RULA analysis - EMG analysis of the upper extremities/back and neck, - The results from the analysis were compared to recommended and regulated limit values Results from the inquiry 95 % of the active Swedish DV’s responded 91 % content with their job 47 % experience physical problems that they relate to working in the car they drive between 10000 80000 km/yea [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 they drive between 10000-80000 km/year 59 % use a computer in the car 86 % drive a VW Passat Postures: examples from the field study [email protected] Linda Rose 2008 Is this “good ergonomics”?
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Distictvets car_2008-10-06 [Kompatibilitetsläge]

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