MCQS austrila - 1 Australia UK and America are oriented...

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1) Australia UK and America are ________________ oriented, while other European countries like Germany are _____________ oriented. a) Shareholders b) Stakeholders c) Profit d) Environment 2) Australia followed a parallel path with the CLERP9 reforms to the ________________ following the collapse of HIH and One-Tel. a) Corporations Act (2001) b) Bail Out Package c) Company Act (1901) d) None of these 3) Reforms have not been uniform and the resulting regulatory landscape is considered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) to be one of the most _________ in the world. a) Complex b) Easiest c) Cheapest d) None of these 4) In Australia CG was emphasized with the Australia's Bosch Report (1995) followed the collapse of Rothwells, Elders, Bond Corporation _____________________________. a) Tricontinental Pyramid and Quintex
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b) Cadbury report c) Enron scandal d) None of these 5) Before the practice of CG in Australia (before 1992) there was no difference between _________________. a) Executive and None Executive Directors b) Lower and middle management c) Public and private firms d) National and International firm 6) Four pillars of corporate governance include accountability, fairness, transparency and _______________. a) Independence b) Expansion c) Environment oriented d) None of these 7) Corporate Governance is externally focused while _________________ is internally focused. a)
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MCQS austrila - 1 Australia UK and America are oriented...

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