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Knowledge Worker(2) - Knowledge Worker A Knowledge worker...

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Knowledge Worker: A Knowledge worker is someone who as a profession is assigned to contributing and developing the existing knowledge in a particular field such as Information Technology. But in modern times, it is not limited to Information technology; but extends to various fields like physician, architects, scientists, lawyers, teachers etc. Knowledge workers have the ability to explain information about a specific subject and improve its understanding through analyzing, researching, and its further development. Human capital: Human capital is the accumulation of abilities, knowledge and trait that are reserved in individuals, who perform labour in order to generate revenue. These individuals through education and experience acquire these traits. Therefore, human capital is considered to be an intangible asset. There is great demand for the human capital, especially in developed countries for they compensate amply and futher contribute in their progress through training/ skills enhancements programs. In-sourcing & Out-sourcing: In-sourcing: In-sourcing is the delegation of work to some other organization that resides in the same country, or where the organization sets up another facility to specialize in a particular service or product. This helps the company better control the business while reducing their labor cost and taxes. Organizations who opt for in-sourcing claim that they have a better control over work and a superior customer support than outsourcing it. Out-sourcing: Out-sourcing is the delegating of organization’s non-core functions to external organization that specializes in providing a particular services and products. This way the external organization takes on the management function for that particular assignment. Outsourcing is no longer restricted to the outsourcing of Information technology services. Organizations now outsource financial, engineering, creative, data entry services and so on. Glass ceiling: Glass ceiling refers to the advancement of career of a competent employee within the organization as result of some kind of inequity and prejudice based on racism, ethnic
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background, sexism, minorities etc. It also refers to the limited career growth due to physical disability.
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Knowledge Worker(2) - Knowledge Worker A Knowledge worker...

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