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Question Matthew and Thomas are planning to open a manufacturing facility. They are discussing a “Christian-only” hiring policy whereby they would determine to hire only professing, evangelical Christians to work in the facility. They ask you for your advice on the following questions: Would such a policy be legal? Answer As per the Civil Rights Act of the year 1964, the policy has been legal. However the opponents that include the present & the previous employees say that this has been hypocritical for the agency to discriminate if their mission has been settling the refugees and most of those have fled the religious intolerance in its home countries.
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Unformatted text preview: This has been legal however this is ridiculously wrong & is un-Christian. They only wants to hire the Christians and it has been generally not be permitted as per the Title VII since it has been for the profit company whose business had been related to the Christian matters however not solely designated for the ministerial purposes. So as for Bible bookstores to pursue its preference to be exclusively hired Christian employees, they can be able of pursuing the BFOQ exemption which the states are being the Christian has been an compulsory part of this job....
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