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Compare and Contrast essay Due: 06 March 2012 at the beginning of class. Length: 1,000 words (approx- 5 pages) Format: MLA (check textbook LB pg. 380-421 for more info.) Students must cite two sources a side from their primary texts, but only one may be a website. Please also include a word count in the bottom of your header information on the first page. Editing: Though not necessary, having a draft done by late February will benefit you as that is when we will be discussing approaches to editing your own work. Topic: Compare and contrast a specific (i.e. only one from each company)
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Unformatted text preview: advertisement from one brand and another brand that advertises the same product (i.e. Mac Apple and Microsoft office) using three bases of comparison. Choose one advertises from Apple and Microsoft and compare them using a three bases of comparison. *Keep in mind that you are not comparing the quality of the products (or films/novels/songs). Rather, you are analyzing the messages expressed (and how they arc expressed, etc.), so avoid value judgetments, such as stating that one text is "better" than the other....
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