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Discussion Board Forum 5 - Due 3-22-12

Discussion Board Forum 5 - Due 3-22-12 - decided to form a...

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Instructions: Prepare a 600 word essay in APA format addressing the questions in red, with scholarly sources incorporated. This assignment is due NLT March 7, 2012. (Note: Each Question is a new paragraph written in APA format) Assignment: Wanda is a new Christian who has been planning to open a business with a life-long friend who is not a believer. Wanda has heard that somewhere in Corinthians it says that Christians should not enter a business partnership with an unbeliever. Not wanting to violate the teachings of the Bible, she has
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Unformatted text preview: decided to form a corporation with her lost friend instead of a partnership. Wanda still feels a little nervous about the situation. She comes to you for Christian advice. Can you find the verse that she has in mind? Does this verse prohibit her from forming a partnership with her lost friend? Is your advice different is she wants to form a corporation instead? Why or why not? Please be sure to fully explain your analysis, answers and conclusions, citing all relevant sources including your text book, scholarly works, and Scripture....
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