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good work essay 2222 - Work plays a major role in a person...

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Work plays a major role in a person life. It is their life and the source of income. The quality of work directly affects the employer performance. As the quality of work rises, the performance of workers increases. Probably, many people would ask what makes a good work. There are many answers to this question. Yes, a high quality in work makes a good work but the most important answer would be when the work meets the highest ethical standards. These ethical standards are influenced by many factors such as culture, religion, tradition and the place the person raised in. Another element of good work is when the quality of the work place design is at its highest. Each aspect of the workplace including decoration, lighting and the size of the offices play a major role in making a good work. Then the economic factors come next determining the how good the work is. The amount of salary as well as the bounces the person receive would definitely make the worker satisfied.
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