BLAW 701 (1) - PART I Real Life Experience The big is the...

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PART I: Real Life Experience The big is the city; the more are the chances of accidents, as the number of transportation mode increases and roads get narrow and crowded. There are number of bulletins and news goes through our eyes daily. More than half of the percent accidents result in the loss of life and assets. Many of them struggle with their life to survive, and few of them came up with the unfit remaining life. All happens only due to carelessness of the drivers either at your end or at another. Their ignorance and negligence to traffic rules make the people lose the lives. As, such incident also happens to me in my city place: once I with my brother planned to go for the cinema in “Ar Riya” to have a picture. As we were getting late we quickly ignite our car and rush through the streets but we were at normal speed, as suddenly a fast and rashly driven truck was coming from other side. With the fear of collision I turned the vehicle aside, as soon a man from another street came in front of our car and knocked down. He started rolling over the road and hit the roadway. The man got injured and was bleeding badly. He got the injuries over his head and face and blood was running through different parts of his body and also his leg was bruised badly. As I was driving the car, my head also hit with the starring, and cause bleeding through head and nose. At the sudden the crowd gathered around our car and also the wounded one. Some people called the ambulance, while the times few starts abusing us and few starts to cool down the crowd as by convincing them it was not our fault, it was just an accident, the man came out from the wrong side. I was shivering with fear as I was driving the car. My brother was also confused but he was trying to make me peaceful and was relaxed. Soon the ambulance and mobile police reached the place of accident. Doctors started giving him treatment in mobile ambulance and luckily declared the victim out of danger and dressed up his wounds, gave him the medication and search his pockets to get any clue of his residing place, soon they get in touch with one of his relative and the police requests them to come and take the victim with them and give them the orders that when the victim will feel better, they will come again and take the victim for his statement to record. At the same time, I was also provided with the necessary medical treatment which makes me feel better. Later on the police order us to come with them to the police station and record their statement, by keeping the car detained. They also take the statements of the eyewitnesses. Then I have to go through the whole process of road traffic accidents legal process and I had to hire the solicitor for my case, which undergoes with the general road accident legal process. Saudi Arabia legal system in case of personal injuries/tort or civil wrong:
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BLAW 701 (1) - PART I Real Life Experience The big is the...

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