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McQ's - Skillful listening generally involves ability to...

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Establishing Trust http://www.lmnblog.com/lmn/2011/workplace-trust-and-employee-productivity-how-the- two-go-hand-in-hand/ A. Studies have shown that there is a significant correlation between trust and ____________. i. employee iii. Success ii. work iv. performance B. High-trust businesses encourage________ to be upfront and honest. . a.i. Managers’ ii. employees iii. Clients iv. stack holders C. To establish trust is having __________ a.i. Respectfulness iii. Motivation a.ii. open book policy iv. communication D. it’s just as important for your employees to ______each other i. Cheat iii. Work ii. Trust iv. Quarrel http://ezinearticles.com/?Poor-Listening-Skills---A-Major-Barrier-To-Effective- 1. _____ play an important role in overall communication process a) Education b) Talking c) Listening skills d) working 2. Good communication skills require a high level of ___________ a) Education b) Thinking c) Self-Awareness d) Learning 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Skillful listening generally involves ability to evaluate a) ideas Listening Skills b) skills c) scores d) productivity 4. Active listening is a way of listening and ________ to another person e) watching f) speaking g) responding h) playing http://www.articlesbase.com/negotiation-articles/managing-meetings-and-conversations-with-mutual-respect-4128711.html I A meeting without _________will hardly get to the point and bring you no results. a. Reports b. Time c. agenda d. People Set _______for meetings and business conversations a. Agenda b. feedback b. rules d. place c. d. III. _________ is a powerful technique for clarification and learning a. Question c. criticism b. Language d. Time e. f. IV. R unning effective meetings in business are a solid base for_______ a. Boss and employee c. profit b. income d. Career g....
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McQ's - Skillful listening generally involves ability to...

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