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Spring 2012ARE6049DEPTHistory of Teaching Art

Spring 2012ARE6049DEPTHistory of Teaching Art - ARE 6049...

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ARE 6049: History of Teaching Art 3 Credit Hours. Meeting Time: T 11-E2 periods, 6:15-9:10 pm. Location: Norman 12. Instructor: Dr. Craig Roland. Office: Norman 12E. Office Hours: T, 4:00-5:00 PM/ or by appointment. Office Phone: 392-9165. E-mail: [email protected] Description of the Course History of the theory and practice of teaching art in the public schools. Objectives of the Course This course is structured to assist graduate art education students in developing an understanding of the philosophical foundations of art education. The emphasis will be on linking personal and cultural belief systems about the nature of art education to their historical antecedents and roots. At the completion of this course, students will have advanced knowledge of: their own personal belief systems upon which their art teaching practices are based. the historical bases for their own beliefs as well as other contemporary art education theories and practices. the persons, events, and issues that have shaped the field of art education over the years. Methods of the Course The primary instructional methods of this class include lectures and group discussions of course topics. Extensive reading and library research will be required to help the student achieve the course objectives. Course Requirements To achieve the objectives of the course, the student will: read and synthesize selected readings from historical art education literature. construct a “personal history” web outlining the influences and experiences which form the basis for his/her teaching philosophy and practices.
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