Spring 2012ARE43143374Art Education for Elementary Schools

Spring 2012ARE43143374Art Education for Elementary Schools...

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Spring 2012: ARE 4314 Art Education for Elementary Schools Lecture: Tuesday 5:10-6:00 pm, FAC 127. Lab Sections: Tuesday; 3:00-4:55 pm; Thursday 5:10-7:05 pm, FAD 115. Lecture Instructor/Course Coordinator: Dr. Craig Roland; Office: Norman 12E; Phone: 392-9165; E-mail: rolandc@ufl.edu; Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-5:00 pm or by appointment. Lab Instructors: Cari Zylstra Luciano; Office; Norman 12 C; E-mail: carizylstra@gmail.com; Office Hours: by appointment. Jennifer Hansen; Office: Norman 12 B; E-mail: hansenjeni@hotmail.com; Office Hours: by appointment. Credit Hours : 2 semester hours. Course Description: This course is intended to assist the preparing classroom teacher in developing a basic knowledge of art and of art teaching at the elementary level. Purpose of the Course: ARE 4314 is designed to engage pre-service elementary teachers in critical examination of: a) the nature of art and art teaching; b) skills and understandings related to the production and appreciation of art; c) pedagogical strategies appropriate for elementary learners; and d) development, selection, evaluation, and utilization of art teaching resources. Course Objectives: In this course, preparing classroom teachers will learn about: their personal beliefs and values that influence how they view art and art teaching; art tools, materials, and resources appropriate for elementary classroom use; strategies for promoting student’s critical and creative thinking skills through art instruction; ways to effectively integrate art content and skills with other subject areas in the school curriculum;
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Spring 2012ARE43143374Art Education for Elementary Schools...

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