Spring 2012ARH69181E88Arts of Oceania

Spring 2012ARH69181E88Arts of Oceania - ARH 3585, Oceanic...

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ARH 3585, Oceanic Art Page 1 ARH 3585 Dr. Robin Poynor OCEANIC ART M 7 th -8 th ; W 8 th FAC 201 115 FAC Office hours: Tuesday 9:30-10:30 or by appt. phone 273-3053 email rpoynor@ufl.edu PURPOSE : The purpose of this course is to examine the arts of Oceania (Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia) within the contexts of the cultures that produced them. TEXT : Anne D’Alleva, Arts of the Pacific Islands (Perspectives), New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1998. ISBN: 0810927225 D’Alleva’s approach is more comparative than mine. I will address specific cultures in detail, while D’Alleva does a comparative study across broad regions. The two approaches should help you to make better sense of the material and to prepare for comparison type essays. In addition to the text, students must read other materials that will aid in gaining insight into and understanding of the material and also see how the discipline has changed over time. Read at least one source from an earlier period and one from more recent scholarship. You may go beyond the sources listed here and find your own relevant sources. Prepare an annotated bibliography of material you read to be turned in the last week of class. Sources from an earlier period (say 19 th century to about 1970) can be contrasted to those from more recent periods. Recommended readings in the syllabus include articles, chapters, and books. Some websites might prove interesting, but be careful in your analysis of websites. Many are not conscientiously or intelligently created. If you must use online sources, go to more reputable search engines such a Google Scholar or use data bases listed on the homepage of AFA Library. But you MUST go to the library. It is not acceptable that you do all your research ONLINE. OFFICE HOURS : 9:30-10:30 Tuesdays. I want to do all I can to help you appreciate the art of the South Pacific and to help you do well in the course. Please see me if you have questions or need help. If you need to talk with me, please try to see me during office hours. Otherwise you can arrange an appointment for a mutually agreeable time. READING LIST : The reserve list at the AFA Library contains sources both for reading and for looking at reproductions. Some of these are PDF files that you may download. Images are on the class website in the electronic reserves of the UF Library. There are numerous other sources available if you wish to do a little digging on your own in the library system or online. Many of the publications of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum in Honolulu are available in the library system. Two good periodical sources, The Journal of the Polynesian Society (572.996 P783) and Oceania (919.05 O15) are in libraries other than AFA. Perhaps the best bibliographical source is Hanson, L., The Art of Oceania: a Bibliography . (AFA). LECTURES
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Spring 2012ARH69181E88Arts of Oceania - ARH 3585, Oceanic...

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