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English 200 D Outline I. Introduction A. Hook B. Background Of Story C. Define “dreams” as both blurred images of stories, etc. that occur during sleep AND as products of one’s desires (ie. Idealistic goals), fantasy D. Define “awakening” as both waking up from sleep/consciousness AND realization of actuality/reality, clarity of thought, etc. E. Thesis: Robin’s journey to reconnect with Major Molineux’s success and fortune and the rude awakening to the truth of his reputation, is a manifestation/example of the state of dreaming and awakening. II. Body A. Awakening is defined/considered as… 1. “Stranger” is barrier to rest of the people: Isolation, solitude
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Unformatted text preview: 2. B. Becoming part of community awakening C. Robin’s lack of knowledge of his uncle – blurry, clouded perception, lack of clarity of thought, confusion. “Dream” is like a hazy cloud over of the truth, distortion or denial of truth from Robin D. Learning the truth awakening E. Robin takes on an air of superiority as a result of his “imagined” royalty through Major Molineux Dream – delusions of grandeur – fantasy – life (desire) F. Humbled by the truth, no honor in the family name awakening...
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